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New(ish) Music: tUnE-yArDs

22 Jun

The drops from soaring falsetto coos to husky tenor vocals create what can only be described as a Dirty Projectors/Adele/Mavis Staples three-way love child. This sound, looped with poppy electro beats and juxtaposed against ukulele and independently-recorded city sounds, composes 32-year-old Merrill Garbus’s music project, tUnE-yArDs, that has this blogger mildly obsessed and in a continuous clash with caps lock.

While belatedly reading my June issue of Spin yesterday I came across an article describing a break-out artist by whom even Yoko Ono couldn’t help feeling upstaged.  After reading a description like this, how could you NOT check this lady out:

“When…Garbus re-creates her quirky pop live, jaws dont just drop, they become temporarily unhinged.” -Spin, June 2011

I’m still trying to reel mine in–and I haven’t even seen her live.

Garbus’s latest album,w h o k i l l, (released April 19, 2011) features a vast array of sounds ranging from reggae to brassy jazz all flawlessly interwoven with xylophones, voiceovers, jungle-esque drums, and tambourines.  If you need further convincing of the quality of this album, here it is: I JUST BOUGHT IT.  Who buys music anymore? Not me. Except in the rare occasion I value an artist at a high enough level to want their album in its clear, studio-sound entirety.

Her wholly unique cacophony (I think that works here in this case) of musical inspiration is so impossible to encapsulate any further that I have run out of carefully crafted similes with which to describe it.  The only hope for you to grasp what I’m talking about now is to listen.

The crazy ones are always the best, especially live, and you can download this single, “Bizness”, for free right hur.

On my last note, whilst writing this post I came to the realization Garbus will be gracing the stage at the Pitchfork Music Festival on July 15… needless to say I will be finding my way down there as soon as I recover from the mini-coronary I suffered upon discovery of said news.

Peace, love and electronic bliss,