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The Great Jersey Shore Debate Gone Anti-Mainstream

9 Aug

The past couple of days I’ve been engaged in a debate about watching Jersey Shore (and then apparently mainstream culture) with my friend Noah. Here’s what he posted on Facebook to initiate the banter:

Noah: To all the Jersey Shore haters: I watch Jersey Shore, but I also watch CNN – do YOU know what’s going on in Syria right now? Do YOU know the recent trends of our economy? This widespread notion that enjoying populist entertainment is going to make me as imprudent and shallow as the people I’m watching is absurd. Step down from your high horses, and attempt to comprehend pop culture for what it is, even if it’s not something that instantly entices your taste.

Pretty exacerbating remarks if you ask me, so naturally I felt the need to respond. If you’re interested in seeing what was said, check out the conversation. I posted it on my Bnter and you can view it here. Feel free to continue the debate on my blog page or on the Bnter page if you feel so moved!

Peace and Somewhat Respectful Debate,