I have one semester left at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I will complete my major in Journalism with an emphasis on reporting. Also, I’m squeezing in one more semester of Thai (language), which I hope will prove sufficient when I jettison off to that beautiful, hot country at a TBA time in Spring.

Current “titles”:

Arts Editor at our leading student daily newspaper, The Daily Cardinal, as well as a Page Two columnist and an occasionally contributing Opinion writer.

Group fitness instructor at UW’s recreation facilities. Getting paid to work out is potentially the only thing preventing my insatiable appetite for ice cream from lulling me into a sugar-induced stupor for the rest of my life.

Librarian/desk attendant at the Journalism Reading Room. (I love this job.) Books are cool.

Former titles:

Blog leader for the Wisconsin Union Directorate Music Committee (WUD Music); this committee is in charge of booking all bands on campus and have brought some fantastic performers to campus.

Creative/writing intern at Planet Propaganda.

I used to book bands for the Wisconsin Union:

Shows I’ve booked so far are Dubtonic Kru, Wakey! Wakey! with Jenny Owen Youngs, and The Felix Culpa.

Now I organize house shows with Madison and regional bands:

Dakotas + Apparitions: June 21, 2012

elle + Special K: August 4, 2012

As for the future, I want to write, and I will. About what and for whom are still in the works, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something travel or long-form related.

xoxo- Gossip Girl

just kidding—Jaime


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