From the Big Apple to Cheesesteak Central

25 Sep

So, we’re alive.

After gliding over a city that sparkled more than the sky above us, we landed at the LaGuardia airport in NYC around 10 p.m. East Coast time. Here, a brilliant stroke of luck befell us when Margaret (heretofore known as Magnetar or Mar-gar) was able to connect with a high school friend who goes to NYU. Her friend, Rose, gave us directions to hop on a bus, which would take us to a subway, which would take us to her dorm on 14th and 42nd Ave.

Let me just say–thank the Lord for friendly New Yorkers. I’ve got some serious, newfound appreciation for Madison’s buses that clearly state what stop you are approaching, because there was literally zero labeling of where we were. Fortunately enough the guy I was sitting next to knew how to get us to NYU’s campus and he told us when to hop off. Then, after watching a probably actually crazy man try to get the Facebook names of a group of girls also traveling in our direction and carefully avoiding eye contact myself, we got out of the subway and walked a few blocks over to Rose’s dorm.

Though dorm is definitely a severe understatement. It was more like an upscale co-op, complete with a next-to-Trader Joe’s location. Also, she apologized for having only shitty booze for us to drink–let me say, it was not Fleischman’s nor Natty Ice so I don’t think she realizes exactly how much we Madisonians can penny pinch when necessary.

In Rose's dorm at NYU

Either way, after some liquid refreshments we decided to explore what the midnight hours of the city had to offer us. Probably the best thing was New York pizzeria, Artichoke, who’s signature dish is a slice of spinach-artichoke pizza bigger than your face for only $5. Don’t hate me for saying this, but they could possibly put Ian’s out of business if they ever made it to Mad town. I’m not joking, even though I ended up not being in the mood for pizza and got some spicy chicken with basmati rice from one of the hundreds of Halal food carts littering the street corners instead.

After eating our grub we wandered the city and, instead of just staying up all night, decided we were pretty exhausted and it might be a good idea to nap for a few hours before catching our 6:30 a.m. Megabus to Philadelphia (note the few hours, as in literally three). On the way back to the dorms we saw a lot of bright lights on a random street that seemed unusual for 2 a.m., thought perhaps not in New York. It turns out they were shooting a scene for an upcoming movie called Person of Interest. I’m not sure when it’s coming out but it was pretty cool to get a glimpse of the actor cops practicing fake CPR on their pretend body bag. And there was a craft services food table.

We finally made it back to the dorms shortly after 2 o’clock and passed da eff out in Rose’s common room on couches, only to rejoin the world of the living at 5:15 a.m. to walk and catch our bus. After dodging about twenty blocks of puddles of garbage water and attempting to stem the flow of sweat due to the ridiculous humidity (yes, it was hella humid, I’m talking 99% saturation) we made it to our stop. Though not without getting a genuine, New Yorker, elevator eyes look-over and quiet cat calls from the construction workers heading off to their early jobs. From there we quickly boarded the bus to catch a couple more hours of shuteye before waking in Philly. Little did we know how hard Mother Nature would try to rain on our parade…


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